Geese numbers are getting crazy in eastern Canada !

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Geese numbers are getting crazy in eastern Canada !

Postby Tinman454 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:59 pm

Seems too be an off year for a lot of duck hunters. Any one have any thoughts on geese pushing ducks out of there normal areas once the numbers of geese get very high. I have allways seen ducks and geese in fields and on water together over the years of hunting and scouting.Have even shot my limit of both in the same fields and lakes. But I was looking over my past hunting years and it seems that the ducks just are not around a lot of places they used too be. But over the past few years the geese have exploded in numbers. I have really grown tired of field hunting geese the past few years but know it's helping the population of ducks in our area. Funny thing is even 3-4 years ago we could limit on ducks and geese in the same field, last few years maby 3-4 ducks if we're lucky. And have yet too go on a goose hunt and not limit out. Somthing else is also comming in to our area this year is the snow geese which is also another pressure on the ducks. Just wondering if any one else has seen this or a change over the years with ducks and geese numbers.

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